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The purpose of this sample program is to give you an insight into the subject matter and vocabulary that you will be tested-on when taking your actual state exam along with the study process you will be following as you go through our study program. This is not a sample of the Qualification Course material or its study process, which is somewhat different than studying for the actual state exam, as the purpose of those courses are to simply get your certificates of completions so you can qualify for a state exam testing date. This is a sample of License Preparation Program…Our 178-page Exam Review Guide which is used to follow along with the DVD and is the focused subject matter and vocabulary you will be tested on for the state exam.

开始, simply read the information provided in AREA I through AREA 7 and then complete the sample test. When you have finished the test you may find that you have missed some of the answers to the questions. 如果是这样的话, this would most likely be due to you only having the opportunity to read the material one time. This the very reason why we have developed a study program that gives you all the necessary components of the program such as our Exam Review Guide, DVD, 和闪电评论cd. By reading and listening to these over and over, they will provide you with the repetition that we have found to be absolutely crucial in order to properly understand and memorize this large scope of subject matter

Below you will see exactly how simple and easy the process actually is. In result you will not waste your time studying a massive amount of information you don’t need and therefore have a greater chance of passing your state exam on the first try!



I. 财产所有权


  1. 表面地球表面的面积.
  2. 表面下的物质:延伸到地球的中心. Reasonable rights to surface entry implied unless entry is expressly limited to a footage below the surface.
  3. 空域:无限高度. Due to modern changes it is subject to air travel and may be used only to a “Reasonable And Enjoyable Height”

II. 障碍


(Not an encumbrance – Provides protection against the forced sale of a residence)

目的: A California Law that allows an owner to protect their home from foreclosure sale resulting from unsecured judgment liens up to specified limited sums.

Eligible Property (Only one residence can be homesteaded at a time)


  1. Sale of property (Title transferred to another).
  2. Filing a “Declaration Of Abandonment of 龙8国际娱乐官stead”.


  1. Improvements partially or totally destroyed by fire.
  2. 搬离场地
    e.g. -物业不是出售,而是出租给他人 .

3. 不动产法


An agency of the Department of Consumer Affairs

目的: 执行加州不动产法 .

Maintains Real Estate Accounts For 教育, Research and Recovery.

The Department of Real Estate is a self supporting agency, supported by collected fees . Of fees collected, a portion is required to be placed into two separate accounts:

  1. 教育 & 研究基金会
    Earmarks funds for real estate 教育 and Research.
  2. 复苏基金
    Underwrites payment of uncollectable judgments
    against insolvent licensees for amounts limited to:
    a. 每人索赔5万美元

IV. 代理法



  1. 有订立合同能力的当事人
  2. 双方同意
  3. 合法的对象
  4. 充分的考虑

V. 估值及市场分析



  1. 实用性(最重要)
    一件物品要有价值,就必须有用途. The use to which an item is put which produces the “Greatest Net Return ” is known as it’s Highest and Best Use .
  2. 稀缺性
    A shortage of available supply compared to 需求 for item.
  3. 需求
    占有欲. In order to be effective it must be backed by Purchasing Power .
  4. TRANSFERABILITY (Critical to value, but least important of the four)
    The condition and 能力 of the title to be conveyed.

注:成本不是价值要素. 成本表示为一个项目支付的费用.
Example: Buyer paid $100,000 (Cost) in 2001 and just recently resold for $250,000 (Value).

VI. 融资

两种类型的贷方-机构与. 邻里

Commercial Banks (State or Nationally chartered)
Savings and Loan Associations (State or Federally chartered)
Mutual Savings Banks (Located Predominantly in Northeastern U.S.)

私人投资者(个人或团体). e.g. -卖家、经纪人)
Mortgage Companies – Only considered lenders if they loan money directly to the borrower.

7. 个人财产

该属性 这不是 不动产.

A. Personal property can be Tangible or Intangible

  1. Tangible: Items that may be physically possessed.
  2. 无形的:没有物质实体的物品.
    e.g. -合同、劳动等赋予的权利.


  1. The classic definition of boundaries of 不动产 is:
    1. 一个合理的降落距离,无限的空域
    2. pratical or reasonable use of the earth and unlimited airspace
    3. 地图上标明的面积
    4. airspace use to a reasonable and enjoyable height, extended to center of Earth

  2. Of the following, which could automatically terminate a 龙8国际娱乐官stead?
    1. 离开房产
    2. 从加州搬来
    3. 房屋部分被大火烧毁
    4. 以前的宅基地记录

  3. 本局的主要宗旨 房地产复苏基金的规模如下:
    1. 发展房地产教育
    2. for brokers to receive uncollectable commissions
    3. for the public to collect damages against a licensee
    4. for the public to collect a limited amount of damages from insolvent licensee

  4. In a contract there are essential elements that must be present to create a valid and binding contract. All of the following would describe one of these elements, except:
    1. 适当的写作
    2. 能力
    3. 双方同意
    4. 合法的对象

  5. Of the four major characteristics that create value, which would be the least important?
    1. 实用程序
    2. 稀缺性
    3. 需求
    4. transferabliity        

  6. 关于机构贷款机构. 以下都是错误的,除了:
    1. 养老基金
    2. 保险公司
    3. 大学
    4. 抵押贷款公司

  7. The transfer of personal property is evidenced by the use of a:
    1. 动产抵押贷款
    2. 土地买卖合同
    3. 行为
    4. 销售单据